China bulk wholesale service helps your bulk orders in China

China Bulk Wholesale Service is the main business of Fashion Bop’s services.

Many people doing business in China, and have many partner wholesalers and suppliers, and they can’t stay in China all the time, so it could be a problem, and very troublesome to contact the suppliers and wholesalers one by one.  And the delivery company won’t help you to collect them together…

So on this occasion,  China bulk wholesale service would be very useful,  Fashion Bop would help you collect all your bulk orders together, checking, and repacking them into one batch, or into the same container, then shipping back to you. It saves you time, trouble and money!

Here it’s the simple steps how to do it:

1. Send your bulk orders to Fashion Bop for quote;

2. Fashion Bop updates your quote;

3. You sent the payment to Fashion Bop;

4. Fashion Bop pays all the suppliers/wholesalers, repacking all the bulk orders and arrange the deliver;

5. You wait and receive the package.


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