Gillette razors and blades, Russian love it!

Gillette is the leader in high performance men’s razors

Gillette carries very famous brand of razors and blades for men, and some products even especially designed for women…

As research shows, Russia is one of the main market for Gillette razors and blades.  And they are always looking for cheap and good quality Gillette razors wholesale stocks. You know what? There is Russian version gillette razors and blades.

If you want to get good wholesale price of Gillette Mach3(2,4,8s), Gillette Mach3Turbo(2,4,8s), Gillette Mach3Power(4,8s), Gillette Fusion(2,4,8s), Gillette Fusion Power(2,4,8s), Gillette Fusion proglide(2,4,6,8s),  Gillette Sensor excel(5,10 s),  Gillette Venus for Women(2,4, 8 s),   please Contact us!

It got two versions:  English and Russian Gillette!

Minimum order:  100pcs.  (Wholesale only.)

Price range:  2,4,8s (16 ~ 35RMB/each);    5, 6, 10s (50~65RMB/each).

Price range:  2,4,8s ($2.56 ~ 5.6USD/each);    5, 6, 10s ($8~10.4USD/each).


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