How to find a reliable China wholesale agency to take care of my big bulk order

If you just order few things from China,  very small amount, no matter which wholesale agent you find,  you won’ t lose too much anyway…

But what if your order is in big bulk order, do you want to handle your order to random agents you found???  You probably would get ripped off you know. Here are some very useful tips for help.

1. Always check their domain age before next step, don’t know how to check?

2. Google their reviews… If there are scams or cheat, they would have bad reviews online;

3. Google Pagerank, and Alexa rank… (Not many customers check this, but actually this is the most effective thing, tech stuff)  it takes very long time and money to improve this,  Scammers won’t cost too much on it. Google them if you don’t know how to check.

4.  Website design and quality, if it looks terrible, they probably didn’t care how it looks like, as long as they could get someone hooked up;

5. Check their feedback or testimonial page, and whether all of them look natual.. you know  many sites make fake feedbacks and testimonial even it’s a brand new website… How they have so many feedbacks? Impossible.

6. Whether they have very stable delivery service, you have to test few sample orders to know that…

7. Give them a call or email, if they never respond, Just pass!


In a word, do your search before your bulk order, that’s the first priority!

But we would like to recommend ourselves here, and we are specialized in bulk wholesale orders, and delivery service very stable and experienced.  And we are in the business for more than 2 and half years.  Please check out our website for more details.

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