Secrets of the Success of the China Wholesale Empire

The fact is, the wholesale industry in China is very reactive. One little change, one little innovation, one new product from established brands, and the China industry manages to turn these into thousands of possibilities and opportunities, not only for their industry, but for the market as well. Such a response to consumers’ every possible need may be the primary cause of the success of the China wholesale industry. The rapid movement of products through the wholesale drop ship method also plays a significant part in how the products reach consumers faster than other products do. However, there are three possible factors that can largely affect the success of the unparalleled consumer-goods provider of the world.

Firstly, the wholesale products from China, not only keep up with the trend, but even outrun it. More often than not, the China wholesale products start the trend. From the wisp of an idea, the China manufacturing industry immediately turns it into tangible consumer goods and thus, profits. Aside from starting the trend, China also exhausts the trend enough that no other manufacturer could ever go further with it without China getting there first. Coming up with a product is not enough. The China manufacturers come up with different product variations, and every little thing that can be done to the product, China does it. Moreover, despite this wide variety of products, there is no strict competition among the different variations, given that they’re all China-made. The battle is between a several small soldiers against one big invincible giant, one force that fights without the possibility of getting divided. The absence of strict competition further strengthens the China wholesale industry even more.

Secondly, the products from China appeal to every consumer’s hierarchy of needs and wants. If the products from brand manufacturers aim to answer to every need and to please, products delivered by the China wholesale industry aim to answer to every need, indulge every want and whim, and to excite. China just takes it to a whole new level. For every need, there are several options that come in different price ranges, which allow prioritization of what should come first. And since the needed products are bought at cheaper prices, there is still space for the products that the consumers simply want. Because of the lower prices, people don’t have to choose between what they need and what they want, which is always a painful choice and sacrifice. Now, they can have both.


Thirdly, the products from China leave space for improvement. What is most baffling is why China-manufactured products still manage to tempt people despite worldwide releases of the sacrificed quality of some of their products. It is also a well-known fact that the quality of these products cannot be compared to brand-manufactured products. However, this can be exactly one of the many reasons behind the market giant’s success. The fact that the products are bought at lower prices and are of lower quality keeps the consumer waiting for a future upgrade. The China products, and even its flaws, appeal to the consumer’s basic aspirations and the chronic desire for something more and better in the future. This is especially true for China wholesale electronics. The consumer electronics division is one of the strongest suits of the wholesale industry in China. People are now more comfortable, especially given the fast-paced technology, to spend a small amount of money on a gadget or electronic device that can be a bit low in quality, than spend a huge amount on a brand-manufactured gadget or device that is high in quality. By the time the item wears out, the consumer can just go ahead and buy another one. By that time, the trend has already changed, and by buying a new product, he or she will be on top of the trend once again. Whereas if a person buys an expensive gadget that has a longer life than China-manufactured products, the amount cashed out will definitely keep him or her pinned down financially for sometime. When the trends change, and the gadget goes out of style, he or she cannot just go out and buy a new one, which would be impractical given that the one he owns is still in perfect working condition.

The success of wholesale in China, be it in wholesale electronics, or in any other field, lies on its products and its appeal to the people. Everyone is aware that it does not bank on quality, but perhaps this is for a reason. But whatever speculations may arise, and however we try to justify the reasons behind the success of the China wholesale empire, one thing is for sure: without the China manufacturing industry, the consumers will experience a great fall.

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