Tips for you to wholesale from China easier

Millions of people around the world wholesale things from China before or are about to purchase in China. Some of them might come to China do it themselves, but many of them need to arrange it online. It’s convenient, also very risky!

I will share some tips as a local Chinese, neutrally.  Not like some foreign buyers, they will deny everything since they had bad experience.


If you could do the following things, it will lower the odds you got scammed.

1. Search their reviews online, if they are scammers, many people surely would leave many negative reviews;

2. Find a China wholesale agency to take care of your purchase orders, and do the same reviews search on the agency as above;

3. Try a sample order before your bulk ones;

4. Give them a call and ask some details, scammers won’t give that much details on phone, and probably they can’t speak English at all but only typing;

5. Send part of the payment for deposit if your order is large one, and send the rest after you saw the proof of your package/items;



There are something you really should know when you dealing with the sellers or agency, it’s like taboo, if you doing these, you either would get bad service or no service at all.

1. Small sample orders but asking for VIP price; (they will offer VIP price once you are qualified)

2. Asking as cheap as possible, cheaper than cheapest; (they have their own business to run, if 0 profit, it you were them, not you run the business?)

3. Send new orders over and over again, but never pay; (these people are either spammers or just looking for fun)

4. Ask over and over again when order processing. (if it’s over ETA, it’s right to ask of course.)


Just something we think it’s useful when you doing business with China wholesalers or agency. As a wholesale agency ourselves, Fashion Bop ( is already in business for more than 2 years. We always do our best to complete our customers’ orders. Never failed. God speed!

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